Bambini Ballet Classes

We offer Bambini Ballet Class for 2-4 year olds. Students explore basic movements and rhythms through music, making learning enjoyable. This is an important social and physical opportunity as it assists in enhancing the young students mobility, flexibility, strength and proprioceptive system.

Ready, Set...Dance

We have a fabulous Preschooler program called READY SET DANCE. These are one hour combo class that includes jazz, tap, hip hop, singing, music and are a whole lot of FUN for girls and boys. It is a brand new music and movement class with a major emphasis on fun and creating confident little people!

Our preschoolers just LOVE...

• Busting out their hip hop moves
• Singing like a star
• Joining the puppet show
• Skipping along fairytale lane
• Floating on their yoga cloud
• Learning rhythm on our animal safari
• Jumping in puddles with their tap shoes
• Playing with our parachutes
• Going bananas with all of our cool music tracks created by the top music producers from the Australian kids television industry

Classical Ballet (Royal Academy of Dance)

Examination Classes are offered in the R.A.D (Royal Academy of Dance) Syllabus. The R.A.D is the largest and most influential Dance organization in the world. Examinations are offered from Primary through to Advanced 2. Classical Ballet is the basis of all other styles and is essential to any dancers training.


Contemporary dance is a genre of concert dance (which is performed to an audience) that employs compositional philosophy, rather than choreography, to guide un-choreographed movement. It uses dance techniques and methods found in ballet, modern dance and postmodern dance, and it also draws from other philosophies of movement that are outside the realm of classical dance technique.

Lyrical/Modern Expressive

Lyrical dance style has its primary basis in ballet, combining the many technical elements of classical ballet with the freedom and airier aspects of jazz, contemporary and modern dance. It is typically considered a sub-category of jazz and/or contemporary dance, the latter itself being an emerging category. Lyrical dance is expressive, simultaneously subtle and dynamic, focused on conveying musicality and emotion through movement.

Jazz & Hip Hop

Jazz is a high energy style of dance with dynamic movements often performed to popular modern music. SCIPA includes both technique and performance components within jazz classes, developing the appropriate skills and movement quality in a safe yet challenging environment. Hip Hop classes mesh together a range of Hip Hop techniques to perform what is coined as 'new style'. This style has been inspired by the commercial dance and music scene. Students will learn elements of popping, locking, breaking as well as develop skills to freestyle and battle with other dancers. 

Glenn Wood Tap

Glenn Wood Tap syllabus is a dynamic and exciting syllabus that is based on technique and the classical tap of the past. Consisting of 9 levels (beginner to professional) each level contains individual steps, combinations, performance quality routines as well as barre activities and turning activities. Glenn Wood Tap is a contemporary tap syllabus, which allows students the opportunity to prepare for examinations whilst having fun and developing a love and appreciation for tap dance.

Stretch and Strength Classes

These classes are designed to help students increase their flexibility and strength as well as overall muscular and cardio vascular endurance. Classes blend stretching movement with the graceful control of dance to tone and invigorate the body and release stress. The aim is to develop core strength, ease and openness in the joints and a flexible, well balanced body.

Private Tuition

Eisteddfods & Examinations

Children attend private lessons on their ability, dedication and potential by the teaching staff at SCIPA. If your child attends a private lessons for competition work they will be allocated to a selected teacher to learn a solo routine. Students work one on one with the teacher, receiving undivided attention for both training and performance purposes- towards various goals and events including Examinations and Eisteddfods. Private lessons are the time in which examination work or eisteddfod solos, duos and trios are choreographed and rehearsed. Private lessons are only available to examination and those students who represent SCIPA School of Dance in troupes. 

Performance Troupes

Performance Troupe classes are where students come to learn Competition/Eisteddfod Troupe routines. These students are also offered extra performacnce opportunities throughout the year at various events and locations. Performance troupes are only able to be joined if students do the required prerequisite classes for their age bracket in the style they wish to join troupe in. We can tell you more about this upon enquiry.