Ballet Shoes for SCIPA students

Below are the shoes for Ballet Students. I understand many students still have shoes from last year, it is ok to wear these until they wear out. Please make sure you purchase MDMs as outlined below when you are due for new shoes.
New dance mums...Please do not buy the cheap and nasty shoes from Kmart, Target etc. They are not dance shoes, they're made for dress ups, they fit terribly, they look terrible and they have zero support. 
The shoes I have advised from MDM are affordable and are aligned with safe dance practices.   They protect and support the wearer and provide sensory feedback (proprioception), they enable controlled resistance and critical shock absorption. These shoes support the foot and arch and allow the intrinsic muscles to recover when at rest.    

At SCIPA I have specialised tarket dance flooring (similar to vinyl but designed for dancers). This flooring gives optimal amount of grip for dancers. When dancers wear leather ballet shoes they are able to 'cheat' their turnout and use the material of the shoe to 'grab' the floor with the shoe and 'fake' their turnout and positions. This is why I am having the students wear Canvas shoes for class work, it will reduce the chances of them 'gripping or sticking' to the floor with the shoe, instead they will need to find and utilise their true external rotation (turnout). This is important for control, technique and safe dance practices and it will reduce the likelihood of related injuries as the get older. In the past Canvas shoes have not been desirable as a class shoe as they offered no support in the arch of the shoe and would lead to muscle fatigue and injuries if worn for long durations. MDM have revolutionised the canvas shoe and inserted a flexible support into the shoe, making these Canvas shoes ideal for classes and use on my tarket floors.